Thursday, January 01, 2009

Wind Generator Plans: Home Windmill

My better half bought plans to make a home made wind generator (a windmill) and has used them to make a working windmill power generator to reduce our home energy costs thanks to renewable wind energy.

With money getting tighter with the economic down turn we've been cutting back on as much as possible, doesn't help that my little Spyware/Virus Removal Business has stopped growing (client wise!).

My partner found the how to make a windmill plans at Earth for Energy and for around $150 for wind generator parts has put together a fully working DIY windmill power generator that is right now pumping out renewable energy for free!

I'm very impressed, I thought the $50 cost for the how to make a windmill plans would be a waste of money, (assumed it wouldn't work or at least the wind generator parts would be way to expensive) but I have to admit I was completely wrong.

We are running on wind energy, partially anyway. Feels good to know we are not only saving money, but have reduced our carbon foot print without having to 'suffer'.

Along with the windmill plans there are some kind of solar panel plans that can apparently power TVs, lights, fridges (anything electrical). My partner plans to make some solar powers 'batteries' (not sure what you call them when made up?) before spring time to take advantage of the increased sunshine.

Very funny seeing a windmill on our garage :) neighbours love it as well, the self proclaimed DIY expert from across the street is using our windmill plans to build his own windmill for his property. Give it time and we'll convert the whole block into a mini wind farm :)

Reduce your carbon footprint whilst saving money by making your very own inexpensive home made wind generators.